About Talley's

Talley's - the fresh name in the freezer

Talley's - for fresh and frozen fish, seafood, vegetables and icecream

About Talley's

Our family business has proudly evolved from its humble beginnings in 1936. As a private company, we value our customers and are determined to provide a standard of service and products that far surpasses our competition. We are committed to our customers, the industry that supports our business and the communities of our workers.

Talley's Seafood DivisionTalley's Seafood Division
In 1936, Ivan Peter Talijancich established Talley's Seafood Division in Motueka, New Zealand.

The Seafood Division now owns and operates four seafood processing factories and a fleet of inshore and deep water fishing vessels. The Division also has involvement in fishing quota, mussel farms, coolstorage facilities and a fleet of freezer trucks.

Talley's offices and processing plants are spread throughout New Zealand

We also have a Deep Sea Division which packs the Amaltal Frozen at Sea brand.

New Zealand controls the world's fourth largest fishing zone. A Quota Management System (QMS) protects New Zealand waters from being over fished, and provides a long-term guarantee of seafood supply. We take significant responsibility for the sustainable management of New Zealand's seafood resources and the future of the fishing industry.

Talley's Vegetable DivisionTalley's Vegetable Division
In 1978 we began processing in Motueka and later through factories in Blenheim and Ashburton, New Zealand. The Vegetable Division operate their own farms and contracts the supply of vegetables with a wide base of growers.

Talley's Dairy DivisionTalley's Dairy Division
Established in 1995, this factory is the newest and most technologically advanced ice cream operation in New Zealand. Located in Motueka, the Dairy Division uses local natural ingredients, especially rich fresh cream and milk, to make the creamiest and smoothest taste in ice cream. International success with Crème de la Crème ice cream has strengthened New Zealand's reputation as the source of fine dairy products.

Port Motueka - site of Talley's Head Office

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