Talley's Fish and Seafood

Talley's - the fresh name in the freezer

Talley's - for fresh and frozen fish, seafood, vegetables and icecream

Talley's seafood division 

Talley's Seafood Division is the oldest division of the Talley's Group, being established in 1936 by founder Ivan Peter Talijancich. Talleys Group Limited started operations with one 110 foot steam trawler "Janie Seddon". The fish was processed at Motueka where the Head Office is still located today.

Talleys Group Limited is today a private company owned and operated by two of the son's of Ivan, namely Peter and Michael Talley.

Talleys Group Limited is still the parent company, which over the last 60 years has expanded its operations to include four fish processing plants, two vegetable processing plants and one ice cream plant.  

One of our earliest fishing vessels

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The fishing division owns and operates inshore and deep water fishing vessels. Also many independent private fishermen are contracted to havest both inshore and deep water species.

We harvest most commercial species within our economic zone (EEZ) from the surface fish of Albacore Tuna, to deep water fish of Orange Roughy to seabed floor shellfish of Scallops.

Talleys Nelson Deep Sea Division specialises in freezer trawler operations and frozen at sea products and owns and operates numerous freezer and fresh trawlers out of the Port of Nelson.

We specialise in H & G Frozen Fish, Fillets and International Fish Blocks all frozen at sea.  All Product is landed into our coldstore facilities at Port Nelson.

Our skilled staff ensure customers have constant reliable quality

The principal species caught and processed are Hoki, Ling, Alfonsino, Hake, Oreo Dory, Red Cod, Flounder, Squid, Southern Blue Whiting, Tarakihi, Orange Roughy, Toothfish, Tuna and Warehou.

As an old established fishing company, our staff are skilled and have specialised training in all aspects of fishing which ensures customers are satisfied with constant reliable quality in the fish products purchased from us.


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