Talley's Dairy segment operates under two separate entities; Talley's Ice cream and Open Country Dairy

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Serving you the best in dairy

Open Country Dairy, a dairy ingredient manufacturer, producing a range of high quality milk products. Processing top quality milk from suppliers, Open Country Dairy provides a range of milk powders, milk proteins, milk fats and cheeses that are used in a variety of applications including food, beverage and nutritional products. Open Country branded products have been exported successfully around the world since 2004.

Talley’s is the majority shareholder in the Open Country Dairy Limited, a company established to supply superior international quality manufactured from New Zealand’s high quality milk produced in its near-ideal dairying conditions.


For more information check out Open Country’s website


Ice Cream

Dominic and ice cream blue cropTalley’s ice cream is a smooth and creamy delight produced from the very finest of New Zealand's dairy ingredients.

Talley's produces premium New Zealand ice cream, under the brands Crème de la Crème and Crème de la Crème - Guilt Free. They are all produced at Talley's Motueka ice cream factory and all made with fresh cream and milk.

Crème de la Crème

Crème de la Crème means “the best of the best” and is our signature range of premium ice creams. Smooth and creamy, Crème de la Crème is made with fresh cream and milk from New Zealand’s dairy herds grazing on the lush pastures of our pristine environment. 

Guilt Free Range

For those wanting to enjoy the creamy taste and fruity flavours of our ice cream with fewer calories and 97% less fat we offer our Guilt Free range. All the flavour and satisfaction without the guilt!

New Zealand's lush pastures, pristine environment and advanced farming practices produce world-leading dairy products that go into the production of Talley's ice cream.

Talley’s ice cream plant is carefully designed and purpose built for the production of these premium and super premium export and domestic products. The most stringent export and quality requirements are met by the factory, which features:

  • A fully automated, computer controlled mixing, churning and pack out operation
  • Automated metering of ingredients
  • Process monitoring that guarantees consistent product quality
  • A pressurised factory environment that filters the air and eliminates airborne contaminants
  • Automated cleaning technology
  • Stringent HACCP food safety and quality programmes that are independently accredited. 


Ice Cream Flavours

Retail Products


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