Local availability of the freshest natural ingredients of cream and milk make Motueka the ideal site to produce the finest ice cream. The use of fresh cream, rather than exclusively frozen products, enables us to make award winning Crème de la Crème - the creamiest and smoothest taste in ice cream.

Talley’s Ice Cream Plant
Our plant is carefully designed and purpose built for the production of export premium and super-premium products. It meets the most stringent export and quality requirements.

The Process
The entire operation - from taking delivery of fresh milk and cream through to freezing and final pack out - is computer controlled and operated through a central computer system enabling comprehensive monitoring of the entire process.

  • Fully automated and computer-controlled mixing, churning and pack out operation.
  • Automated metering of ingredients and process monitoring guarantee consistent product quality.
  • A pressurised factory environment that filters fresh air entering the factory and eliminates airborne contaminants from the processing area.
  • Automated CIP (clean in place) cleaning technology with an automated wash down and sanitising programme.
  • Stringent HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point system) food safety and quality programmes - independently accredited.

We have taken care to ensure that all our products ship in the most efficient and economic units so our new packaging dimensions can accommodate multiple size shipments without wasted space.