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people5cropFor over a century, AFFCO has produced premium-quality beef and lamb for export markets around the world. 

Talley’s is the parent company of AFFCO, a leading New Zealand meat company that for over a century has produced premium-quality beef and lamb for more than 100 export markets around the world. AFFCO is one of New Zealand’s largest exporters of chilled and frozen meat products, with a reputation for safe, hygienically processed, top quality product that is delivered on time and to customer specifications and satisfaction. 

The quality of our meat begins with the quality of our farms

All AFFCO livestock are reared in rural New Zealand where the practice ensures sustainable management of its resources, conserving the beautiful countryside and environment for future generations. Customers may feel secure in the knowledge that AFFCO livestock are raised in safe and sustainable surroundings. AFFCO’s standards are above reproach, with the operation maintaining stringent animal welfare, food handling and hygiene standards. 

All plants are ISO9002, ISO14001 and HACCP accredited and the processing facilities are USDA and EU certified. AFFCO is responsive to market demands, and will tailor its slaughter and processing techniques to comply with cultural needs or specific customer requirements.

Nothing is wasted. AFFCO’s Allied Products division produces premium hides and pelts, casings, tallow, slipe wool, protein meals of the highest quality, and pharmaceutical blood serums.

Customers can rest assured that AFFCO meets and exceeds international quality standards in all of its products. And in addition, each cut can be traced back to its farm of origin.


AFFCOVisit the AFFCO or SPM website to find out more about the top quality range of New Zealand products that they offer.


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