Explorer iceWe are proud to offer a wide selection of the world's highest quality and sustainable seafood.

We can assist you with requests for specific species or provide suggestions for tasty alternatives to enhance your product line or add variety to your menu.

The harvesting and processing of New Zealand seafood is strictly regulated to ensure the highest standard of environmental sustainability, food safety and quality. Our factories are government licensed and all at-sea and onshore facilities are regularly inspected and monitored in compliance with applicable national and international standards.

Talley's Seafood comprises the operations of both Amaltal (at sea) and Talley's Group (land based).

The operations of Amaltal are centered on a fleet of deep sea fishing vessels that provide premium Frozen At Sea product. The Amaltal fleet is based out of Port Nelson, where large cool storage and providing facilities accommodate the vessel.

On the other hand, Talley's fishing operations are centered on New Zealand's inshore fishing fleet. Talley's has receiving depots at key ports around the South Island for the unloading of fresh fish. The efficient processing of these landings by Talley's skilled workforce allow for Talley's to airfreight the freshest fish to key markets around the world and into New Zealand's domestic markets.


  • Fish

    Our main fish species include: Albacore Tuna, Ling, Southern Blue Whiting, Alfonsino, Orange Roughy, Squid, Black Oreo Dory, Red Cod, Tarakihi, Flounder, Silver Warehou, Hake, Skipjack Tuna, Hoki, Smooth Oreo Dory. 
  • Shell Fish

    Cockles, oysters and scallops are harvested from the sparkling clear waters of New Zealand’s Tasman and Golden Bays and delivered direct to Talley’s nearby factories for immediate processing. Talley’s does not soak or use artificial additives when processing shellfish. Custo...
  • Retail products

    Talley's specialise in meeting the needs of the food service, retail, wholesale and reprocessing markets, and so provide flexible packing styles for fresh chilled fish, frozen fish, Greenshell Mussels™, scallops, and oysters. Our highly skilled staff and modern processing fa...

NZ Seafood

  • Nutrition

    Healthy food means a healthy lifestyle. Evidence suggests that you get real health benefits when you eat just two servings of seafood every week - that’s about 200- 400g of seafood. Here’s how the goodness of New Zealand seafood can help to keep you healthy.  Health benefits...
  • Sustainability

    Clean, healthy, diverse and delicious, New Zealand seafood is full of natural goodness. New Zealand is a small, remote, natural paradise, with an abundance of seafood. Recently it became one of only two countries to achieve a top ranking in a review of fisheries management ...
  • Product of New Zealand

    Far away at the edge of the world, lies one of the last great, unspoiled oceans on earth. This is the home of a small island nation, over 1,000 miles from its nearest neighbour. New Zealand.   The New Zealand seafood industry produces about 1% of the world's fish catch. Unli...
  • 100% Natural

    Our fish are completely natural. Not farmed, but free range.It’s pure, premium quality at it's best.   Here, in New Zealand, the quality of our natural food is a direct result of our environment, and our close relationship with the land and sea. This is nature’s food – feedi...
  • GO Wild.

    Not a fish farm.Not a breeding cage in sight.Premium wild sustainable seafood, from Talley’s New Zealand, with pride. EAT WILD.  Wild caught fish are prized for their omega-3 content and are most nutritious to eat.  Many farm-raised fish are fed antibiotics, and hormones to ...

Cooking Seafood

  • Recipes

    Remember: It's best to buy fish on the day that you cook it and fish cooks quickly so be careful not to over do it.

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Amaltal Deepsea

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