Amaltal Deepsea

Talleys Enterprise cropAmaltal is one of the key producers in New Zealand’s fishing industry.

Amaltal is Talley’s premium ‘Frozen at Sea’ brand, setting the standard for at-sea processing, whether fishing the deep-sea waters of New Zealand’s EEZ, the tropical waters of the South Pacific, or the icy waters of the Antarctic.

Amaltal’s state-of-the-art modern factory trawlers (Atlantis, Columbia, Enterprise) are equipped with comprehensive automated processing facilities, producing large volumes of premium products. Specialist H&G (headed and gutted) vessels (Explorer, Apollo) deliver optimal catches of targeted species, partially processed, to our customers’ specific requirements. Built in Spain in 1997, the Amaltal Mariner is a purpose built deep-water fresh fish trawler equipped with state of the art fishing electronics.

The New Zealand fishing industry has pioneered what could be considered the world’s best managed and most sustainable international fishery, that of the Antarctic Toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni. Talley’s has played an integral role in this process, working closely with the relevant NZ authorities and the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to develop, manage, and police this leading fishery. The long-lining fishing vessel Janas, fish Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters for this delicacy.

Amaltal is an industry leader in the promotion of an honest working environment, striving to uphold values held closest to the Talley family, the company, and to all New Zealanders. Crewed by highly skilled New Zealand employees and equipped with only the highest quality tools and machinery.

Amaltal’s deep sea factory freezer trawlers are all approximately 60 to 70 metres in length and go to sea for six weeks at a time with a crew of around 35 men and women. They process fish into fillets within hours of being caught, processing the catch on-board to customer’s specifications - frozen-at-sea fillet, block or head and gutted form. On-board fishmeal plants process the waste product so everything is utilised.

 Amaltal Vessels

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    Amaltal Apollo

    The Amaltal Apollo was originally operated as a joint venture between Talley’s and another company; she was commissioned in 1987 following the success of the Amaltal Explorer. The Amaltal Apollo pro... Read More

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    Amaltal Atlantis

    The Amaltal Atlantis is a sister vessel to the Amaltal Columbia. The Amaltal Atlantis was purchased following the successful operation of Amaltal Columbia in New Zealand waters and was converted to a ... Read More

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    Amaltal Enterprise

    The Amaltal Enterprise was purchased in 2003. This vessel has enabled Talley's deep sea division to put more fishing effort into the Southern Ocean, where the harsh sea conditions require a larger ves... Read More

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    Amaltal Mariner

    The Amaltal Mariner is a purpose built fresh fish Hoki trawler, working all year round in the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands. She was built in Spain in 1997 and has state of the art f... Read More

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    The Janas is an auto longline, utilizing bottom longline gear in several fisheries. During the summer the vessel operates in Antarctic waters, fishing for Toothfish (Dissostichus Mawsoni) as well as c... Read More

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    Capt MJ Souza

    The Capt MJ Souza is a Super Seiner, which catches Tuna in both the New Zealand EEZ and the Western & Central Pacific Ocean. She uses her on board helicopter to find schools of tuna and catches th... Read More

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    Amaltal Columbia

    The Amaltal Columbia leads the world in modern fishing technology, having undergone a complete rebuild in 2013. She was purchased brand new in the early 90’s, and has lead the way in sustainable dee... Read More

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    Amaltal Explorer

    The Amaltal Explorer was the first purpose built freezer trawler for New Zealand’s deep water fishery. Commissioned and built for Talley’s in 1986. The Explorer is the workhorse of the fleet, catc... Read More

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    The Eagle is the latest addition to the Talley's fleet. She is a Purse Seine vessel, which catches Skipjack tuna in both the New Zealand EEZ and the Western & Central Pacific Ocean, working under ... Read More