Product of New Zealand

Sounds7Far away at the edge of the world, lies one of the last great, unspoiled oceans on earth. This is the home of a small island nation, over 1,000 miles from its nearest neighbour.

New Zealand.


The New Zealand seafood industry produces about 1% of the world's fish catch. Unlike many other primary industries in New Zealand, the industry's management, enforcement and operational research is funded by the industry itself.

Furthermore, the New Zealand seafood industry invests more than 2% of gross returns in research and development with a strong focus on environmental issues. So not only are our fish stocks harvested sustainably but our industry itself is sustainable, existing without government subsidies or publicly funded regulatory bodies.

The New Zealand seafood industry is a diverse industry that has evolved significantly over the past ten years as it has broadened exports, launched new products and seen significant growth in the aquaculture sector. It aims to be the preferred supplier of high quality seafood products to discerning world markets.