Shell Fish

Cockles, oysters and scallops are harvested from the sparkling clear waters of New Zealand’s Tasman and Golden Bays and delivered direct to Talley’s nearby factories for immediate processing.

Talley’s does not soak or use artificial additives when processing shellfish. Customers get just pure 100% natural shellfish. Oysters and scallops are opened, cleaned and graded. They are then either quick frozen or delivered fresh daily to make sure their full, succulent flavour is retained. All shellfish are independently tested to be free of bio-toxins before shipment.

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    Greenshell Mussels

    There are many culinary benefits to Talley’s IQF Half Shell Mussels: Extraordinary visual appeal is added to a plate by the distinctive emerald-green shell. A sweet mild flavour compliments many cu... Read More

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    New Zealand Scallops are considered an international delicacy, refined in both texture and flavour. Quick-frozen in layers to retain excellent flavour, this top quality product appeals to all markets... Read More

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    Dredge Oysters

    The creamy coloured meat is delicate and succulent, with medium oil content, they are best consumed fresh. Dredge Oysters are rich in protein, iron and essential amino acids. A delicacy throughout th... Read More

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    Cockles have a delicate creamy flesh with a low oil content, great served with a cream sauce or in chowder. New Zealand cockles are members of the Veneridae family (venerid clams). Cockles are one ... Read More

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    Knobbed Whelks / Topshell

    Tender, with a smooth texture and delicate flavour of Knobbed Whelks contain an array of vitamins and high levels of calcium and taurine, effective for anti-aging and cholesterol reduction. Knobbed W... Read More