Talleys corn April14 0008The world’s finest vegetables; grown in the clean, fertile soils of New Zealand’s South Island.

New Zealand's nutrient rich soils and temperate climate are ideal for growing vegetables. The superior qualities that result from the New Zealand environment have driven growth in demand for Talley's vegetables worldwide.

Talley’s harvests a wide range of vegetables including the freshest peas, beans, spinach, corn, carrots, and potatoes. All Talley’s vegetables are grown in the clean, fertile soils of New Zealand’s South Island and are 100% GE free.

For over 30 years Talley’s have produced quality frozen vegetables via rapid harvest to freezer processing, preserving the full flavour, nutritional content, and colour, to ensure that ‘just-picked’ experience.

Our state of the art growing and processing systems control every aspect of planting, harvesting, processing, freezing, packing, cold storage, and freight. These fully integrated systems ensure consistent quality at every step, locking in the best attributes of fresh produce from farm to customer.

As a result of a strong focus on product development, Talley’s now have the flexibility to cater to your specific requirements. If you are interested in any of our products, or wish to discuss further possibilities, please speak with us today about the exciting new opportunities we can no provide you with.

Talley’s offers a wide and varied selection of Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) vegetables of superior quality expected by the food service and retail markets. Talley’s vegetables are grown in the fertile soil of New Zealand’s South Island, where the air is pollution free, the sunshine hours are high and the water runs pure. Importantly, all vegetables are GE-free! Talley’s also provides halal product where requested.

If you would like to know more about the range of vegetable products that we have to offer, contact our friendly sales team in your area.


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