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Seafood New Zealand

Seafood New Zealand works on behalf of the New Zealand seafood industry, providing a range of services and activities aimed at supporting and adding value to the industry, and promoting its healthy growth. Here you can learn about fish species, discover cooking tips, try new recipes, check the nutritional benefits, meet the people who put seafood on our plates and understand more about sustainability.

Meet the people that put seafood on your plate.

Read through the seafood NZ mag to hear about life at sea with some of the Talley's crew and watch Seafood New Zealands short videos to meet Tony Roach our inshore fisherman and Captain Chris Patrick Deepwater skipper based in Nelson. 


NZ Beef and lamb

New Zealand Beef + Lamb

On their website you can find educational information, resources for retail, consumers, health professions and teachers. They also provide a wide range of cooking tips, methods, blogs and campaigns. Beef + lamb also provide a wide array of delicious, nutritious beef and lamb meal ideas.

Beef + lamb NZ Inc is responsible for the promotion of beef and lamb in NZ and is jointly funded by farmers, NZ retailers and processors. They work closely with the food service and manage the NZ beef and lamb quality mark. 


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Aquaculture New Zealand

Aquaculture New Zealand
 was formed in 2007 as a single the voice for the New Zealand aquaculture sector to protect the current industry, while enhancing its profitability and providing leadership to facilitate transformational growth.

On their website you can find informative news on the industry, in depth information about our Greenshell Mussels, health and nutrition, education, recipes and policy.