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There’s a history of goodness at Talley’s…and we’re not just talking about our nutritious, delicious food. What began as a small local fishing business over 80 years ago is now one of New Zealand’s largest food production and supply groups.

With access to the world’s 4th largest EEZ, lush green pastures for raising animals for meat and dairy, fertile soil for growing vegetables, a cutting-edge integrated supply chain and sustainable operating practices, we consistently supply a wide range of quality New Zealand food products to the world.

Talley's Group Limited encompasses a number of brands across its operations to bring you, the very best of New Zealand.


Seafood (Inshore) + Vegetables
The Talley's brand is used to retail both our renowned inshore seafood products (including premium IQF product lines) as well as our top quality frozen vegetable products. Talley's seafood products are regarded as some of the world's best by restaurants and food service distributors in New Zealand and abroad. Talley's branded vegetables can be found in many leading supermarkets and retail outlets.

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Seafood (Deep Sea)
The Amaltal brand is used solely to market the Frozen At Sea (FAS) catch of our deep sea fleet. As a consequence of fleet management and the exceptional quality that comes from the near instantaneous snap freezing of products on board these vessels, Amaltal has a reputation for providing frozen seafood products of an unparalleled quality.

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Crème de la Crème

Ice Cream

Our Crème de la Crème brand of ice cream has become a popular mainstay of many a family freezer. We use only the finest New Zealand cream to produce an exceptional ice cream in a large array of popular flavours. Talley's Crème de la Crème is the best choice when it comes to both flavour and value.

Crème de la Crème Guilt Free™

Talley's Crème de la Crème - Guilt Free™ ice cream retains the delicious, creamy taste and texture of Crème de la Crème ice cream but has fewer calories and is 97% fat free, making it an ideal choice for the health-conscious customer.

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Motueka Creamery

Ice cream
Crafted using real milk and cream, our ice cream is inspired by the places we call home - and what a home it is. To some, their names may seem exotic and a little out of this world, but to us it’s just down the road and around the corner.

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Deep South

Deep South Ice Cream embodies the spirit of the South - no airs or graces, just good old-fashioned pure ingredients brought together to make delicious rich and creamy ice cream.

Established in 1978, today Deep South continues to carry on making ice cream from their award winning traditional recipe. This recipe contains only premium ingredients, which are all sourced, where possible from within New Zealand.

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We also process and pack a range of private label products across the food range.

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