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Blue Cod

Parapercis colias

A medium texture, white flesh fish with low oil content.

Blue Cod New Ice

Blue Cod are indigenous to New Zealand and are common in colder waters South of the Cook Strait and around the Chatham Islands. They are the most important recreational finfish in many areas around New Zealand.

Blue Cod are predominantly caught in inshore fisheries with very little deepwater catch. The major commercial Blue Cod fisheries in New Zealand are off Southland and the Chatham Islands.

Key Information


Blue Cod belong to the Pinguipedidae family (sandperches, weevers).

Physical attributes

Blue Cod vary in colour depending on the sex and age. Large males are distinctly blue with greenish sides, and females are more mottled. They have elongated body with a smooth sloping head and snout, short, low first dorsal fin and a long second dorsal fin.

Its flesh has a medium texture and low oil content.


Blue Cod is managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries and was introduced to the New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS) in 1986. Blue Cod stocks are regularly monitored using commercial catch rates for the main fisheries along with potting surveys of areas with significant recreational fisheries.

Geographical location

Native to New Zealand, Blue Cod are bottom dwelling fish. Predominantly found in the colder waters of the South Island, south of the Cook Strait and around the Chatham Islands.
They are also found in the Marlborough Sounds and off Wanganui.

Market Names

  • New Zealand: Blue Cod, Rawaru
  • Australia: Blue Cod
  • Japan: Toragisu
  • Korea: Chung daegu

Locations Caught

49 Bluecod Fa


Average weight

0.8-1.5 kg up to 3kg

Average length

30-40 cm up to 60cm


2,332 tonne

Talley's catch

<100 tonne

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Nutritional information

Average quantity per 100g


595 kj


19.9 g

Fat, total

0.7 g


0.3 g

Sugars 0.3g
Sodium 56mg

Seasonal availability

Not caught
Months caught
Peak months

Flavour and cooking

Blue Cod have a medium-textured white flesh with a low oil content, making it suitable for most cooking methods including baked, fried, grilled, steamed, curried and sauteed.

Blue Cod 2

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