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Red Cod

Pseudophycis bachus

A delicate, moist, white fish with a low oil content and is mild in flavour.

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Red Cod are moist, white flesh fish with a low oil content. It is an ideal choice for most cooking methods and is often smoked.

Red Cod are found throughout New Zealand waters, mainly around the Canterbury Bight and off Westland in South Island.

Red Cod abundance levels are managed under the New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS). Stock levels are monitored via commercial catch rates, with trawl survey abundance indices showing consistent changes.

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Key Information


Red cod are members of the Moridae family (morid cods). Related species: Southern bastard cod (P. barbata) and Northern bastard cod (P. breviuscula).

Physical attributes

Red Cod are red-brown above, with pink and white flushes. The vivid colour fades to a greyish pink when first captured. They have a barbell under the chin, a square tipped tail and black spot is what distinguishes them from their close relatives.

Red Cod has a delicate, moist, white flesh with a low oil content and flakes easily when cooked.


Red Cod is managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries using the New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS).

Fisheries improvement plans have been developed for Red Cod, which path out the steps towards achieving MSC certification.

Geographical location

Located throughout New Zealand seas, more commonly in southern waters at depths of 100-300 metres.

Market Names

Market Names

  • New Zealand: Red Cod, Akaroa Cod
  • Spain: Bacalao de Nueva Zelanda
  • Australia: Red Cod
  • Italy:Merluzzo Bianco de Nuova
  • Germany: Rot Dorsch, Roter Kabeljau
  • France: Moride rouge
  • Japan: Akadara, Benidara

Locations Caught

48 Redcod Fa


Average weight

0.8-2 kg

Average length

40-70 cm


8,278 tonne

Talley's catch

1000+ tonne

Red Cod Whole

Nutritional information

Average quantity per 100g


309 kj


16.9 g

Fat, total

0.6 g


92 g

Carbohydrate 0.2g
Sugars 0.2g

Seasonal availability

Not caught
Months caught
Peak months

Flavour and cooking

Red Cod has a delicate white flesh that flakes easily when cooked. Suitable for most cooking methods including smoking, baking, grilling and poaching. Red Cod fillets are a convenient option to consider for cooking in cafes, restaurants, rest homes and anywhere that requires cost effective menu options.

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