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Our seafood division comprises the operations of both Amaltal (frozen at sea) and Talley's (land-based).

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We are proud to offer a wide selection of the world's highest quality and sustainable seafood.

The harvesting and processing of New Zealand seafood is strictly regulated to ensure the highest standard of environmental sustainability, food safety and quality. Our factories are government licensed and all at-sea and onshore facilities are regularly inspected and monitored in compliance with applicable national and international standards.

The operations of Amaltal are centered on a fleet of deep sea fishing vessels that provide premium frozen at sea product. The Amaltal fleet is based out of Port Nelson, where large cool storage and providing facilities accommodate the vessels.

On the other hand, our fishing operations are centered on New Zealand's inshore fishing fleet. We have receiving depots at key ports around the South Island for the unloading of fresh fish. The efficient processing of these landings by our own skilled workforce allows us to airfreight the freshest fish to key markets around the world and into New Zealand's domestic markets.

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Cook Canyon


We produce premium seafood products, processed in our shore-based facilities, from our fleet of inshore vessels.

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Talleys Enterprise

Amaltal Deep sea

Amaltal sets the standard for at-sea processing, whether fishing the deep seas of New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone, the tropical South Pacific or the icy Antarctic.

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