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Talley's Deep sea

Our fleet of 8 Deep sea vessels bring the largest range of wild caught species to our customers.

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Amaltal is our premium ‘Frozen at Sea’ brand

Setting the standard for at-sea processing in New Zealand, whether fishing within the EEZ (exclusive economic zone), the icy waters of the Antarctic or the Western Pacific, our fleet operates year-round, landing quality product for our global customers.

Our modern fleet of fishing vessels includes three state of the art factory trawlers equipped with comprehensive automated processing facilities, two specialist Head and Gut vessels delivering optimal catches of targeted species to our customers’ requirements, an Auto-longliner producing premium quality frozen at sea product, a large fresh fish vessel landing quality chilled fish to our land based processing plants and a Purse Seiner landing Brine frozen Tuna for canning.

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Amaltal Vessels

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Amaltal Explorer

The Amaltal Explorer was the first purpose built freezer trawler for New Zealand’s deep water fishery. Commissioned and built for Talley’s in 1986.

The Explorer is the workhorse of the fleet, catching mainly Orange Roughy, Oreo Dory, Southern Blue Whiting and Squid. Product is headed and gutted, then frozen on board.

The Explorer has also been utilized for a platform for important scientific research. In 2012 the team on-board was responsible for the first successful GPS tagging of an Antarctic Blue Whale in the world.

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Amaltal Apollo

The Amaltal Apollo was commissioned in 1987 as a joint venture between Talley’s and another company, following the success of the Amaltal Explorer.

The Amaltal Apollo produces headed and gutted product. She operates in the Orange Roughy, Alfonsino and Hoki fisheries, both inside and outside New Zealand EEZ.

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Amaltal Columbia

The Amaltal Columbia leads the world in modern fishing technology, having undergone a complete rebuild in 2013.

She was purchased brand new in 1993, and has lead the way in sustainable deep sea fishing practices ever since. The vessel is mainly deployed in the MSC certified Hoki fishery, as well as Ling and Southern Blue Whiting.

Her crew of 40 enjoys modern cabins and spacious facilities.

Atlantis Back Home Again

Amaltal Atlantis

The Amaltal Atlantis is a sister vessel to the Amaltal Columbia.

The Amaltal Atlantis was purchased following the successful operation of Amaltal Columbia in New Zealand waters. She was the first vessel in new Zealand to convert to twin trawling in 1997.

The Amaltal Atlantis production facilities are among the most up to date in any fishing vessel and it continues to achieve the high production quality standard now consistently proven by the Talley's deep sea fleet.

Talleys Enterprise

Amaltal Enterprise

The Amaltal Enterprise was purchased in 2003. This vessel is Talley's deep sea division Southern Ocean specialist, where the harsh sea conditions require a larger vessel with more horse power providing a stable working platform.

The vessel has allowed Talley's deep sea division to increase the product lines through having a much larger factory area to work with. This allows the company to produce more value added products whilst still at sea.

She may be the biggest vessel in the fleet, but she is also one of the most comfortable, providing modern accommodation and facilities for her crew of 40.

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Amaltal Mariner

The Amaltal Mariner is a purpose-built fresh fish trawler, working all year round around the New Zealand coast and offshore.

She has state of the art fishing electronics. The fresh fish caught on-board is unloaded to our land based factory for further processing.

Her small crew of 8 works hard and enjoys life aboard one of the most advanced fresh fish trawlers in New Zealand.

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The Janas is an auto longline, utilizing bottom longline gear in several fisheries.

During the summer the vessel operates in Antarctic waters, fishing for Toothfish (Dissostichus Mawsoni) as well as carrying out scientific research under a CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) license. The vessel spends 2½ months working the icy waters of the Ross Sea before returning back to New Zealand.

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