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Talley's inshore

Bringing you the freshest fish on the market from our independent inshore fishing fleet.

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Over 80 independent inshore fishing vessels

Our fleet of independent inshore fishing vessels produce premium quality seafood products, processed in our strategically located facilities across the South Island.

We harvest fish from coastal waters to the edge of the New Zealand Continental shelf at depths of 200 metres. The fish from inshore vessels are delivered 24 hours a day to our four South Island processing plants to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

Talley's Inshore Plants

007 Motueka

Talley's Motueka

We have been based in the small town of Motueka since our humble beginnings in 1936. The expansive site at Port Motueka is home to our head office, alongside New Zealand's first registered pack house, a fish meal plant, shellfish processing factory, an ice cream factory, and a state of the art added value plant with complete IQF and advanced packaging facilities.


Talley's Blenheim

Talley's Blenheim is one of a series of operations involved in the harvest and production of New Zealand's premium Greenshell™ Mussels from the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds. Blenheim is also the site of a comprehensive Talley's vegetable factory.

14  Westport

Talley's Westport

The rugged West Coast region is in close proximity to some of New Zealand's largest fishing grounds with an abundance of Hoki present from July through to September. The fishery also attracts the likes of other migratory species such as Tuna. Our Westport plant is another of our specialised processing facitilies, and is well positioned to take advantage of these seasonal fisheries.


Talley's Timaru

Our Timaru plant is another specialised fish processing facility, employing the latest technological advancements in machinery and production methods. Since being acquired in October 2000, we have turned this plant into one of the most technologically advanced in the country.