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Cool collab for summer


December 06, 2022

Media Release

Caramel Frappé, a treat for coffee fiends and ice cream fans

When one of New Zealand’ premium ice cream makers gets together with one of the country’s top specialty coffee roasters, you expect something special to result.

That’s just what happened when New Zealand Creameries and Flight Coffee collaborated on a new Deep South taste sensation just in time for summer. The result: Deep South’s Aspiring Caramel Frappé ice cream infused with Flight coffee, crunchy caramel pieces and a buttery caramel ripple.

“We know New Zealanders love ice cream, coffee and caramel – so we thought we’d bring them together in a delicious and decadent combination to create our Caramel Frappé,” says Dene Brosnan from New Zealand Creameries. “It’s like your favourite iced coffee, but in a bowl or a cone!”

“Like all Deep South ice cream, Caramel Frappé is made with real cream, so it was important to us to find people who were as passionate about the quality of their coffee as we are about our ice cream – and who would be fun to work with,” Brosnan says.

“We were rapt when Flight Coffee agreed to come on board and share their expertise to help create this new flavour. Not only do they know their coffee, they really understand flavours, so they have been the perfect partners in creating Caramel Frappé.”

A self-described ice cream aficionado himself, Nick Clark, Director at Flight Coffee relished the opportunity to work with Deep South.

“We were stoked to be invited to collaborate with the New Zealand Creameries team. We’re both New Zealand businesses who aspire to be the best at our game, using top-quality ingredients to make amazing products that our customers love,” says Nick.

Flight chose their original blend, Bomber, as the coffee to be featured in Caramel Frappe. “Sustainably sourced from small lot holders in Rwanda, Colombia and Timor-Leste, Bomber has the big sweetness and creamy texture that was the perfect fit for this ice cream.”

“I’ve been lucky enough to sample the ice cream throughout the process. I'm impressed with how the Deep South team managed to get the depth of the coffee taste into the ice cream. Combine the richness of the coffee with the crunch of the caramel pieces and the swirl of the caramel ripple, and you’re on to a winner.”

“It’s going to be great to see the Flight name on the packaging and in supermarket freezers all around New Zealand. I think our customers are going to be excited to see what we’ve achieved working with another innovative New Zealand company.”

Dene Brosnan says the flavour has been in leading New Zealand supermarkets around the country for a few weeks now and the public thoroughly enjoyed it at the recent Fieldaysat Mystery Creek.

“From the response we are getting, it looks like we have a definite winner for summer. The feedback from Fieldays was through the roof, but we are not surprised as Kiwis love coffee and caramel!”

Caramel Frappé joins the other delicious flavours in the Aspiring range Caramel Cookie Dough, Vanilla Bean, S’Mores and Chocolate Caramel Brownie.

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