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July 03, 2021

Talley’s welcomes WorkSafe review, initiates independent investigation

Talley’s CEO Tony Hazlett welcomes a WorkSafe review into the health and safety practices at its facilities, with the company also undertaking a separate independent investigation.

Hazlett said the company has written to WorkSafe today and offered the company’s full cooperation into their review of Talley’s health and safety practices across all sites.

He said the company will provide WorkSafe auditors full access to any sites, staff (former and present) to investigate the recent allegations and any other concerns that arise specifically or in relation to systemic issues.

“We have a strong level of confidence in our health and safety programmes and the people that drive that, but if it’s found that we can do better, we will embrace and enact those changes immediately,” he said. “In our view, WorkSafe is best placed to conduct that comprehensive and arm’s length review.”

As regards Ashburton, Hazlett said a separate, independent investigation will be undertaken to look into the allegations that have surfaced over the past 48 hours.

“We are obviously concerned about the recent allegations, and as a result, in addition to the WorkSafe review, we will be commencing an independent investigation by a suitably qualified health and safety expert to look specifically at the practices and allegations made regarding the Ashburton plant.”

He said the company is in the process of appointing an appropriate reviewer who has the skills and availability to commence a review immediately. Part of that review will be setting up a channel where current and former employees can put any safety concerns to the reviewer candidly and anonymously if they would like.

“We believe an independent and expert review is the best way of addressing these recent allegations,” said Hazlett. “Again, whilst having confidence in the existing health and safety programmes, if any failings or shortcomings are identified or if there’s something our team has missed or can do better, we will act on it immediately.”

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