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September 03, 2021

Talley’s is encouraging all its employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Talley’s CEO Tony Hazlett said the company is liaising with local District Health Boards to organise vaccination drives on the company’s sites.

“We recognise that having New Zealanders vaccinated is an important line of our defence in combating COVID-19,” Hazlett said. “We are encouraging everyone at Talley’s to get vaccinated, but as an essential business we have been operating under Level-4 and Level-3, so getting out to get a jab is not that easy for our staff. To help our staff, we are looking to work with District Health Boards to have clinics on our sites, and we also support people to go to local clinics during work time if necessary.”

Over the last week, Nelson Bays Primary Health and Nelson Marlborough Health held two clinics, one on Talley’s Nelson site, and one in Motueka.

“Despite the terrible weather last Friday, we had more than 200 people – staff and family members - get the jab at our Motueka site, either in their cars if they weren’t on a shift or had family with them, or in a dedicated area in the factory,” Hazlett said. “The week before, we had more than 80 come to the Nelson-based clinic. The DHB runs a fantastic service by coming into workplaces like ours, to ensure our essential staff are protected. It makes it much easier for people to take up the option of a vaccine when the barrier of access is removed.”

Hazlett adds that Talley’s goal is to have more than 80 percent of its staff vaccinated as soon as possible.

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