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Motueka Creamery Ice Cream sales grow exponentially, as seventh flavour released


September 17, 2020

With New Zealanders enjoying 100,000’s of litres of Motueka Creamery Ice Cream since it hit shelves last year, a seventh flavour joins the range this week – Breaker Bay White Chocolate and Raspberry.

Motueka Creamery Ice Cream flavours are named after regional hotspots like Kahurangi National Park, Mt Arthur and Kaiteriteri inlet. Its fruit combinations, such as apricot, lemon cheesecake and wildberry, are not seen a lot amongst supermarkets’ usual offerings. Mt. Arthur Snowfall Vanilla won the 2019 Gold/Best in the NZ Ice Cream Awards, Premium Vanilla Category.

Breaker Bay White Chocolate and Raspberry is described as “a bright raspberry ripple wading through white chocolate ice cream, this treat is as sweet as the feeling of summer’s first swim.” It will start appearing in selected New Zealand supermarket freezers in the coming weeks.

Dene Brosnan, Talley’s General Manager of Ice Cream, says Kiwis love ice cream, a lot.

“We are one of the largest ice cream eating nations in the world” Dene says. “But not only are we lovers of ice cream, we know a good ice cream when we taste it. That’s why our ice creams use real milk, cream, fruit and berries and we work extremely hard to create flavours and textures that appeal to local and international taste buds.”

Motueka Creamery Ice Cream’s popularity also now extends beyond New Zealand. Talley’s has sold its ice cream into Japan for over 20 years, and earlier this year the Motueka Creamery ice cream brand was successfully tested on the Japanese market.

“The Japan market is absolutely loving Motueka Creamery Ice Cream,” Dene says. “After selling out of the first shipment already, a second shipping container of Motueka Creamery has been ordered, so we are really pleased with the pick-up over there. As expected, the most popular flavour in Japan is our award-winning Motueka Creamery Mt. Arthur Snowfall Vanilla, followed by Kahurangi Wildberry and Kaiteriteri Inlet Lemon Cheesecake. Meanwhile, other Asian markets are also now showing strong interest.”

Dene says Talley’s is now investing in a new double drum spiral freezer to increase its Motueka factory’s freezing capacity three-fold.

“We have no doubt demand for Motueka Creamery will continue to grow, especially with our new Breaker Bay White Chocolate and Raspberry flavour hitting the shelves this week. It is made from real raspberries and luxury white chocolate. It is an absolute winner!” Dene says. “The new state of the art freezer machine coming next year will help increase our production capacity, so we can keep those supermarket freezers full!”

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