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Motueka Rendering Plant Upgrade


September 20, 2022

Our Motueka site is home to several processing facilities, including our fish rendering plant.

The fish rendering plant processes fish offal (carcass) into other products like fishmeal, oil, and fertiliser. Fishmeal is sold to customers and used in animal feed, oil is an ingredient used in animal food, and fertiliser is used on pasture in both local and export markets.

Back in 2018-19, following feedback from locals, the rendering plant received an upgrade that included new machinery and new technology which allowed us to use every part of the fish carcass. The upgrade meant that there was no waste or discharge going into the water from the plant.

Prior to the upgrade, the plant used to create a smell, which was unpleasant to surrounding neighbours. To target the odour, a biofilter was installed. The biofilter takes the smell out via point-source pipes installed throughout the contained rendering plant to a humidifier and then blown through a large outdoor bark garden. The enzymes in the bark absorb the smell.

The upgrade has been a great project for community benefit and has also allowed us to decrease our waste by utilising 100% of the fish caught and turning it into a sellable product.

It’s a win-win.

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