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New Zealand Sole

Peltorhamphus Novazeelandiae

A delicate and moist, white flesh fish with low oil content.

Talleys Hopgoods Sole 42

New Zealand Sole are a shallow water flatfish unique to New Zealand.

Found most abundant around the South Island, New Zealand Sole are found widespread around inshore areas, approximately 100 metres out from shore.

All commercially caught New Zealand Flatfish species are available year round and are managed together (in 5 stocks) with a combined Total Allowable Commercial Catch of 5,419 tonne.

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Key Information


New Zealand Sole belong to the Pleuronectidae family (right-eye flounders).

Physical attributes

New Zealand Sole are green-brown on the upper side, with a white belly. The body is oval shape, with the widest part well forward of the centre. The dorsal fin runs from the mouth to the tail and the scales are rough.

NZ Sole has a delicate and moist white flesh.


Flatfish are managed by the Quota Management System (QMS). The annual catch limit for Flatfish has varied from 5,409 to 6,670 tonnes since 1986. Stock abundance of Flatfish can vary considerably in response to environmental variation. Accordingly, catch limits may be changed frequently to respond to these fluctuations.

Geographical location

Native to New Zealand, the species are most abundant around the South Island and are found widespread in shallow waters.

Market Names

  • New Zealand: NZ Sole, Common Sole
  • Australia: New Zealand Sole
  • Japan: Karei
  • Germany: Neuseelandischer
  • France: Sole
  • The Netherlands: Tong
  • Spain: Lenguado

Locations Caught

39 Newzealandsole Fa


Average weight

900 g

Average length

25-35 cm


5,419 tonne

Talley's catch

100-500 tonne

New Zealand Sole

Nutritional information

Average quantity per 100g


372 kJ


19..4 g

Fat, total

1.2 g


0.3 g

Sugars 0.3g
Sodium 93mg

Seasonal availability

Not caught
Months caught
Peak months

Flavour and cooking

New Zealand Sole have delicate and moist flesh with a low oil content. The upper fillets are slightly darker but whiten on cooking. New Zealand Sole are ideal for any flatfish recipes. They are a great fish cooked whole (on the bone). The fillets are best pan fried or baked.

Talleys Hopgoods Sole 39

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