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Smooth Oreo Dory

Pseudocyttus maculatus

A firm, white flesh fish that holds together well when cooked.

Smooth Oreo Dory Plated 15

Smooth Oreo Dory are a deepwater species found only in the Southern Hemisphere.

The live at depths between 600 and 1200 metres and are caught year round, mainly on the Chatham Rise and in the South-Eastern area of the EEZ.

Smooth Oreo Dory are slow growing and may live up to 80 years.

The fillets are versatile and hold together well when cooked.

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Key Information


Smooth Oreo Dory belong to the Oreosomatidae family (Oreos).

Physical attributes

Mid-grey body with darker fins and scales that can easily be dislodged under pressure. Smooth Oreo have a less angular body, not so pronounced eye, and smaller fin spikes than the related Black Oreo.

The flesh is white and firm.


Oreo is managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries using the New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS). Included in the TACC for Oreos are Smooth, Black, Spiky and Warty. Fisheries improvement Plans have been developed for Smooth and Black Oreo, which path out the steps towards achieving MSC Certification.

Geographical location

Smooth Oreo are only found in the Southern Hemisphere. They are caught year round by deepsea trawl mainly along the Chatham Rise and in the South-eastern area of the EEZ.

Market Names

  • New Zealand: Smooth Oreo, Smooth Dory
  • Australia: Smooth Oreo Dory
  • Japan: Omematodai
  • France: Saint-Pierre de fond de Nouvelle-Zealande, Dore tachete

Locations Caught

35 Smoothoreodory Fa


Average weight

0.8-2 kg up to 4kg

Average length

35-45 cm


18,860 tonne

Talley's catch

1500-2000 tonne

Smooth Oreo Dory

Nutritional information

Average quantity per 100g


343 kJ


11.2 g

Fat. total

4.1 g


0.3 g

Sugars 0.3g
Sodium 78mg

Seasonal availability

Not caught
Months caught
Peak months

Flavour and cooking

Smooth Oreo Dory fillets are firm, white and do not flake easily. Fillets hold together well while cooking and are suitable for most cooking methods including baked, sauteed, poached, steamed, barbecued, casseroles or for use in a soup/chowder.

Smooth Oreo Dory Fillets 2
Smooth Oreo Dory Plated 4

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