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Southern Blue Whiting

Micromesistius australis

A moist and delicate white flesh fish that flakes easily.

Talleys Jan 2014 353

Southern Blue Whiting are generally found in Sub-Antarctic waters.

Found throughout the main fishing grounds in New Zealand at depths of 250 and 600 metres.

The Marine Stewardship Council eco-label assures you that our Southern Blue Whiting reflects sustainable fishing at its finest. It means that our fish stocks are healthy, we don't damage the eco-system and there is ongoing effective management of Southern Blue Whiting Fisheries.

Key Information


Southern Blue Whiting belong to the Gadidae family (True Cods).

Physical attributes

Grey with a blue tinge, darker on the dorsal ridge, and with many small black spots shading to silver-white on the belly.

The flesh is white and delicate.


Southern Blue Whiting has been certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, the global gold standard for sustainability since April 2012.

Southern Blue Whiting is also managed by the Ministry for Primary Industries using the New Zealand Quota Management System (QMS). Regular stock assessments are conducted to estimate fishery stock size and numbers. Scientific studies are also used. From these, scientists can estimate future stock sizes and catch limits.

Geographical location

Southern Blue Whiting are a schooling species generally confined to Sub-Antarctic waters.
Managed as separate biological stocks based on their spawning areas they are commonly found in the Campbell Island, Pukaki Rise, Bounty Platform and Auckland Islands Shelf.

Market Names

  • Commonwealth of independent states: Yuzhnaya putassu
  • The Netherlands: Blauwe wijting
  • Germany: Blauer Wittling
  • Greece: Syko, Gourlomata
  • Italy: Merlu
  • Japan: Minamidara
  • Russia: Poutassou
  • Spain: Bacaladilla

Locations Caught

10 Southernbluewhiting Fa


Average weight

0.4-0.6 kg

Average length

40-50 cm


49,288 tonne

Talley's catch

1000+ tonne

66  Southern Blue Whiting

Nutritional information

Average quantity per 100g


350 kJ


18.9 g

Fat, total

0.8 g


0.3 g

Sugars 0.3g
Sodium 116mg

Seasonal availability

Not caught
Months caught
Peak months

Flavour and cooking

Southern Blue Whiting has a moist, delicate white flesh that flakes easily when cooked. It is a great option to use for fish ball and fish cake recipes.

Talleys Jan 2014 353

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