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Our deep sea fishing opportunities offer great challenges and rewards.

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Deep sea fishing

It pays to be adventurous. Out there on the great Southern ocean it’s part job, part journey. You’ll earn great money when you join the crew on our fleet of modern deep sea fishing vessels. And you don’t spend much on living when you’re out at sea. As well as an opportunity to save, we provide training that sets you up with skills and qualifications to stand you in good stead for life, anywhere in the world.

What to expect:

After onshore training you’ll get your first chance to go to sea. All new crew begin on the factory deck doing a variety of jobs preparing fish for our international customers.

From here you can choose your career path – factory management, deck crew, engineering, an officer, and ultimately a skipper if you want.

The life:

As part of our crew you'll enjoy:

  • Extended periods of leave
  • Comfortable cabins
  • Great pay and chances to save
  • Delicious, healthy chef-prepared meals
  • Levels of advancement and training
  • Access to the largest NZ-owned fishing fleet


These are some of the different Deepsea careers on offer at Talley's.

Choose your career path:

  • Factory crew
  • Factory management
  • Deck crew
  • Galley hand
  • Chef
  • Engineering
  • Officer
  • Captain

And that’s just at sea. After your sea training the career opportunities with Talley’s are as wide as the horizon.

Keen to get on board?

We’re currently looking for people keen to take on the challenge of being part of a hard-working team and want more than just a 9 to 5 job. Net the things you want in life. Get on board with Talley’s.

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It pays to be adventurous
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