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Talley's ice cream is a smooth and creamy delight made from real milk and real cream. It's available in a wide range of flavours, from traditional to something for more adventurous palates.

Talley's Ice Cream

Ice Cream awards

We think our ice cream is some of the best - creamy and delicious, and really high quality. But don't just take our word for it. Here are some of the awards we've won:

  • 2018 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards
    Our Guilt Free Vanilla won Best In Category award in the Low Fat Category.
  • 2018 Allergen Award
    We are thrilled to have been awarded the Allergen Award by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology Allergen Bureau for best practice in food allergen management.
  • 2017 New Zealand Ice Cream Awards
    Our Export Green Tea ice cream (which we export to Japan) was awarded the Supreme Award in the Standard Ice Cream category.

Real milk, real cream

Just because you find it in the freezer, doesn’t mean it’s ice cream. It's a little-known fact that there are firm guidelines when it comes to what can be labelled and called an ice cream. The sweet treat must consist of no less than 100g/kg of milk fat, and no less than 168g/litre of food solids. Basically, the more milk fat the ice cream has, the higher quality the ice cream is.

Unlike some frozen desserts and ice creams that use exclusively frozen products, we tap into the local abundance of fresh, natural ingredients and use fresh cream to make our award-winning Crème de la Crème - the creamiest and smoothest taste in ice cream.

We think that quality is important, which is why we go above and beyond those minimum standards to produce our award-winning ice cream.

Real Milk

Quality that starts at the grassroots.

Using the freshest milk and cream from cows that graze on open green pastures, it's no secret that New Zealand dairy is the best in the world. With the local availability of such high quality milk and cream, it's only natural for us to create our smooth and creamy ice cream in our Motueka Creamery.

Our ice creams are available in a wide range of flavours; from traditional favourites like vanilla and chocolate through to a choice of berry fruit flavours and ripples. And of course, the New Zealand classic – hokey pokey; a creamy vanilla ice cream with a hint of caramel that comes from the chewy-crunchie nuggets of honeycomb toffee throughout.

Cow In Paddock

Our Flavours

Our ice cream range comes in a wide range of flavours, from the classics to something for more adventurous palates.

Talley's NZ Ice Cream Vanilla Choc Chip Flavour

NZ Flavours

We know what Kiwis love about ice cream, so we've loaded it all into our range of local flavours.

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Talley's Export Ice Cream - Strawberry Flavour

Exported Flavours

Made under the absolute strictest quality control, our export quality ice cream comes in flavours loved across the world.

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