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Driven to Succeed for Over 20 Years


December 05, 2018

Motor Racer John McIntyre has been provided with sponsorship by Andrew Talley and Talley's Group Limited for more than two decades.

Local V8 driving champion John McIntyre reflects on his partnership with Talley’s

When Talley’s first provided sponsorship to three time New Zealand V8 race car champion John McIntyre, the Creme de la Creme Ice Cream range was fresh to market.

“My first involvement with Talley’s was in 1996 when I drove with a team at a Shell Helix Racing [event],” John says. “The first time we promoted Talley’s Ice Cream it had just come out and we started promoting that. Talley’s have since been a sponsor of mine in various cars over the years.”

Since then, we’ve proudly sponsored the Nelson based driver for more than two decades, creating a partnership that has helped him to a number of titles.

“Talley’s have been instrumental in helping me set up my team [John McIntyre racing] 2006. We went on to win three national V8 Championships and then whenever I was racing at Bathurst they would support me there as well.”

Andrew Talley has provided sponsorship to motor racer John McIntyre with Talley's Group Ltd for more than 20 years.

Most recently, we got behind John as he took on the Carters Tyres New Zealand Endurance Championship in his recently rebuilt SaReNi Camaro GT3 with co-driver Simon Gilbertson.

John says Talley’s have had a special place in his career.

“It’s very special, and very rare to have long term relationships. It’s really special and we have met loads of people through the company… it’s been a lot of fun.”

As well as financial support, the Talley’s team have bought passion to the partnership, John says.

“They have got a passion for cars. And one of the key things is that we have managed to win. I’ve always driven to win and I know how passionate the Talley’s team are about winning – it’s a passion we share.”

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